Jonathan Woods

Artist in paint, wood, metals, photography

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Site updated Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Colors of America
Acrylic on canvas
40" x 30"

This was first painting I did at my studio in the Lorton Arts Foundation's Workhouse Arts Center on opening weekend. I had planned to create a purely abstract, non-representational work, by myself. But with the huge number of visitors came children who I felt were just dying to paint. So I asked one little girl if she would like to try painting. I soon had a crowd of people in my studio with many children painting while I tried to direct them to simply not make mud on the canvas. I came in the next day and faced a mess that was created with the kind of energy and enthusiasm only kids can provide. Somehow, the colors reminded me of a flag, so I took the painting to the next level, creating an American flag, with the kids' many colors in the background. It seemed to represent the freedom of art and the diversity of those who helped to create it.

Colors of America