Jonathan Woods

Artist in paint, wood, metals, photography

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Site updated Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Acrylic on wood.
31" x 15.25"
Please contact me for pricing information.

The Ferrari 308gt4 is one of those cars I can remember the first time I saw. As one of the few Ferrari cars not designed by Pininfarina, the Bertone-styled car is often thought of as an outsider within the Ferrari crowd. I have a different view of it as a exciting, classic 1970s wedge-shaped mid-engined car which, (surprise!), has seats for four. The car has long been the basement-bargain Ferrari, even though it has a real Ferrari engine that makes real Ferrari sounds as the tach rips to redline. This painting was inspired by that driving experience which only a few rebellious in-the-know enthusiasts can savor while owning one of Maranello's finest machinery.