Jonathan Woods

Artist in paint, wood, metals, photography

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Site updated Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Acrylic on wood.
31.25" x 14.5"
Please contact me for pricing information.

The car depicted in this painting is one of the true supercars of the world, the Ford GT. This particular car, however, holds a special significance to me, because it one I have driven! The history of the original Ferrari-beating Ford GT series, or "GT-40" of the 1960s (on which this 21st-century version is based), has been written about too extensively for me to reiterate. Look it up. Suffice it to say that it is an incredible car and easily the most incredible performance car I have ever driven. Equally incredible and worthy of mention is this car's owner, not just of the trust he placed in me at the wheel of his vehicle, but also of the contribution he makes each day to his family and his community. His enthusiasm for cars and life in general is infectious, and super-charges everyone he encounters. If this sounds like an exaggeration, I'd say you just have to know him. And if you see a Ford GT with a license-plate that reads "GT4D", don't think that it's a typo.